Device Information

This is a very important message for families of current 6th grade families.


Deer Park will be collecting all 6th grade devices between May 30-June 2.


The same device and case will be returned to students in the fall. Students have the option to wash cases in personal washing machines. It is recommended to remove the strap and empty all contents in advance.  This process was successfully tested with good results.  Again, ensure everything is removed from the bag prior to washing with normal detergent in a cold temperature load. 


If parts are missing during collection, students will be charged accordingly. Costs are as follows:

Replacement Bag Strap - $1

Replacement Bag - $18

Replacement Charger - $20


If a device is damaged, it will be repaired in the summer.  If damage is due to vandalism, a vandalism report will be created by the school, and the student will be charged for repairs. If a device has been lost or stolen, a loss/theft report must be completed with Mr. Barnes within 48 hours.


Students are encouraged to see his or her Social Studies teacher, Mr. Salata, or Ms. Wit with any additional questions. 


We appreciate students coming to school prepared with his/her power cord, bag, bag strap, and device on the assigned collection day.


Thank you!